Our Little One!

Our Little One!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cards for Aidan

I saw this posted on several blogs and really wanted to send the little guy a get well card!  I don't know him or the family but was moved by the story.  Here's the information about Aidan, cut and pasted from Scrappin KY Momma' s blog:

Aidan is a sweet lil 2 year old who was recently diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia. On Wednesday, he had a port installed in his chest, spinal tap, bone marrow, and chemo in his spine. He did GREAT! This lil guy is such a trooper.  His parents have accepted that their BABY has Leukemia.. NOT the easiest thing to accept, but their faith in God and their support system have kept them going. T-Cell Leukemia has a high cure rate although chemo will be continued for quite a while. Lil Aidan LOVES mail, like any 2 year old does. So....

   I need your help. Let's get our crafting supplies out and send this lil guy some LOVE!!!  Pass this on to all your crafty friends. I think we can all take a couple minutes and make something special for him that will bring LOTS of smiles and he can look at over and over.

   Please mail your cards to:     AIDAN 
                                          c/o Tanya Stilwell
                                           P.O. Box 143 
                                        Cecilia, KY  42724

Here's the blog address for updates and a picture of Aidan.  Please keep their family in your prayers and if possible send him a card.

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  1. Thank you soo much for re-posting this!!! It really means alot. He will be tickled to get so much mail.



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